About Our Firm

Akbari Law, Ltd. - “Protecting You When it Matters Most”

Ms. Azadeh Akbari founded Akbari Law, Ltd. in November of 2018 after working for a U.S. & World News Tier-1 ranked family law firm for over 3 years as an associate attorney where she worked on countless different litigated, mediated, and collaborative family law matters covering a broad range of issues. Backed with expertise, experience, and results, she envisioned a practice offering high end services and resources at a competitive cost while guiding clients through navigating the intricacies of the two things that matter most- family and finances. With these principles as the structure of the firm, Akbari Law, Ltd. caters to each client by protecting what matters most and identifying each client’s specific goals and concerns, and then individually advising the client on the options that would work best for the client’s future, family, and estate. When applicable, the firm will walk each client through whether litigated, collaborative, and/or mediated services would best fit the client’s unique family dynamic and/or goals. Client’s may also take advantage and utilize the firm’s relationships with a vast network of professionals, including, but not limited to, mediators, arbitrators, mental health professionals and evaluators, child evaluators, communication and coparenting coaches, accountants and tax  professionals, valuators and financial experts, vocational experts, real estate brokers and attorneys, and investigators.
“Protecting our clients core values and providing an honest assessment of the risks and possibilities separates our approach from other firms by putting you in the driver’s seat and letting us do the work to get you to the next destination.”

Akbari Law, Ltd. prides itself in providing clients with the individualized attention, focus, and responsiveness that our clients deserve when dealing with a highly personal and confidential family law issue. The nature of family law issues tend to strain clients because of the uncertainty surrounding a crucial aspect of their lives. As such, Akbari Law, Ltd. equips clients with the knowledge, clarity, and guidance necessary for each client to feel confident that he or she knows and understands the full range of his or her rights and options during a sometimes emotional, overwhelming, and/or confusing process.

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